I’m Nicky Marino, and I’m a patent engineer working at a law firm in downtown Chicago, IL. I grew up in the suburbs of Indianapolis and studied Computer Engineering at Purdue University. I have a passion for writing and teaching software development.

Boiler Up!

Current Projects

Transit Talk is a web app built to improve overall transit user experience by connecting riders to each other and to the agencies that serve them.

Code Your Dreams Curriculum teaches younger generations to think critically, creatively, and empathetically to build the applications of their dreams.

This site has posts detailing my thoughts and tips on everything from programming to LaTeX formatting.

My GitHub page features more projects.

Past Projects

I was the Head Teaching Assistant for Purdue Honors Engineering, where we covered a variety of topics including teamwork, project management, scripting, and solving real world problems. I lead the software team of ~10 colleagues to automatically collect, grade, and report homework submissions for over 300 students weekly.

I implemented an efficient, reliable method to read and edit RFID tags with a TI MSP430 microcontroller and a Node frontend for Indesign, LLC.

I designed and managed an automated system to collect, parse, and store NOAA weather reports on a daily basis for Consumers Energy.

I built the CMS for Phoenix Club to manage the attendance records of nearly 100 students at weekly meetings.

I worked with a team of 3 other students to build an ASIC RC4/SD Card encryption design.

About the Site

This website is:

For comments or questions, feel free to ask me on GitHub, Twitter, or via email at nicky.s.marino [at] gmail [dot] com.