I’m Nicky Marino, and I’m a developer studying Computer Engineering at Purdue University.

Current Projects

I’m a Software Engineering Intern working primarily with C using FreeRTOS on various microcontrollers. I also write scripts and user interfaces in Python and Node JS.

I’m also the Head Teaching Assistant for Purdue’s Honors Engineering intro course, where we cover a variety of topics including teamwork, project management, scripting, and solving real world problems. I’m head of the software team, which handles the behind-the-scenes scripts and tools to help the class run smoothly.

I’m working on a few projects that haven’t come out yet, such as a podcast and an iOS app.

Finally, this site is one of my hobbies :blush:

Past Projects

I worked with a team of 3 other students to build an ASIC RC4/SD Card encryption design.

I designed the CMS and attendance tracking app for Phoenix Club.

I’ve built a number of small Twitter bots, such as Greyhouse Status.